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We help you sell your products and services online, without technical knowledge. Sell software, subscription boxes, digital downloads, memberships, sports classes, physical products and more.

What is Checkout Page?

Checkout Page lets you create shareable payment pages that you add to your website, social channels, email newsletters and pretty much anywhere else.

I’m Sander, the creator of Checkout Page. In May 2018, I launched the first version of Checkout Page as an easy, no-code way to accept a payment via Stripe. Today, people all over the world use Checkout Page to sell a diverse range of products and services, such as cheese, software subscriptions, donations, fonts, guides, sports classes and webinars.

Who are you and why are you building Checkout Page?

While working remotely as a freelance software developer, I helped clients build websites, software products and platforms. I spent three years living as a digital nomad, living in beautiful places, experiencing different ways of life and meeting inspiring people from all corners of the world. I currently live at my cousin’s organic goat and sheep farm in the Netherlands, where I’m maintaining our herb garden.

The freedom brought to me by entrepreneurship is invaluable to me. The ability to schedule my own time, work when I work best and take time off when I want to; life would certainly be different without it. I think entrepreneurship is all about this freedom, and I wish it to whoever desires it. That's why I'm building Checkout Page.

Checkout Page makes selling your own products and services easy and accessible for freelancers, small businesses, marketeers and startups. It helps you reach your potential customers, collect customer details, send newsletters, set up landing pages and of course: selling your product or service.

Where can I reach you?

For support questions, please email To stay updated on new features and product developments, sign up to subscribe to our newsletter or follow Checkout Page on Twitter.

For anything else, tweet me at @fishsander or email

Sander Visser
Founder of Checkout Page

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